Bedding & Vegetable Plants in Paris, KY

Since 1924, Smits Florist & Greenhouses has been a well-reputed nursery in Paris, KY. Our greenhouse is home to thousands of plants. From flowering annuals to vegetable plants, tropical rarities to hardy perennials, we’ve got what you need to beautify your home and garden. Looking for something special? Just let our friendly staff know and we’ll be happy to find it for you!

Bedding Plants

Bedding plants are one of the first signs that spring has arrived in Paris, KY! Every spring, our greenhouses are overflowing with colorful, flowering plants waiting to become the focal point of your flowerbeds.

We offer the best selection of bedding plants in the region, whether you’re looking for flats of smaller plugs to cover large areas in your garden or smaller pots with larger, mature annuals to fill in the gaps here and there.

Plant Beds

Vegetable Plants

There’s nothing quite like the taste of vegetables harvested from your very own garden. We’re here to help you start your vegetable garden with a variety of seeds, starter bulbs, plants and more. Our staff is always on hand with tips and tricks to help you make the most of your efforts, so stop by today and start growing your own vegetables!

Indoor and Outdoor Plants

Our greenhouse is full of unique indoor and outdoor plants that beautify your home or garden. Looking for tropical plants to add some greenery to your interior spaces? Need a statement plant for your garden? We have the best inventory in the area—no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find it here.

House Plants

Fresh Flowers and Plants From Our Greenhouse

Smits Florist & Greenhouses carries a wide variety of bedding plants; vegetable plants; and indoor and outdoor plants for your home and garden. We’re always bringing in new additions to the greenhouse—you never know what you’ll find, but we always guarantee exceptional freshness and hardiness. Stop by or give us a call 859-987-3967 to see our selection.

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